Saturday, February 16, 2013

Philly Fun-A-Day art show 2013!

I was invited to participate in the Philly Fun a Day art show but now I can't make it so I am posting my work here. I had so much fun making this art I hope that comes through. And I'm grateful that someone planted the seed because I think as artists we (I mean me, really) can sometimes forget that we make art because we love making it and that it's important to not let your art become work. When you stop having fun it starts to become a burden, so you start to avoid it, so you start to feel guilty and pressure and stress and fear...the art feels strained, strangled, spontaneity dies, and then a giant angry ice cream cone punches you square in the face. That happens to everyone right? In this case, the idea of fun became a kind of reset button. I made a conscious effort to step back or change direction if I felt like I wasn't enjoying myself. Am I talking too much? I just watched a Henry Jaglom movie,  I have a lot to get out of my system. Here's the art, bye!




Thanks to everyone at Philly Fun-A-Day!

I will be participating in the NYC Fun-A-Day as well.

Be well peeps,

The Elemental Delegatates of Artistic Science