Saturday, March 27, 2010

Subway, New York City!

This is my homage to the J train, my favorite subway line.
I always feel so at home. There is nothing nicer than staring out the windows of the J train on a nice sunny breezy afternoon.


I used to draw in this style a lot in 2005, it has some how organically, slowly, returned to me. I am having fun trying to reteach it to myself and develop it. The reduction of it makes it easier for me to express my feelings about things. I can be more symbolic without the pressure of being photo realistic.


I took this photo waiting for the J train last week, see ya soon!



Justin said...

There is a lot to be said about doing simple, natural drawing. If it comes naturally, the drawings tend to be quite personal. Without the pressure of doing a good drawing and the weight of learnt artistic knowledge, the artist is liberated. I find this type of drawing good for getting back into it after not drawing for a while.

JAJAC said...

Exactly Justin!

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