Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Weird, weird, weird, weird, WEIRD!

This was an illustration I was paid to do in 2001 straight out of college. It was an album cover for a Britney Spears parody. The song was called "No More Tail", I don't think it was ever actually produced. The illustration itself was meant to be a bizarre parody of romance novels.


I have another version I can't find with some updates on her face and tail. If I can track it down I'll add it to the post. In a weird way this is exactly the kind of image I would like to be associated with. It never fails to astonish me! How weird is this??

from the


Leslie said...

haha i love that you willingly posted this on the internet. ballsy

JAJAC said...

Imagine seeing this paper back on the shelves.

For that reason alone I think it is funny. I tried to work in a completely different style than I was used to. It is crude but it always makes me laugh.

If you think of it as satire I think it has more impact.

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