Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sketch book updates, sad comics and pretty snow men!


There he is every one! The prettiest snow man there ever was! OK so before you go steaming off mad at me making fun of a poor Indian man keep in mind this man either killed his family or stole millions of dollars from investors, who knows maybe both! I am leaning toward theft but there is a lingering doubt he killed some one! I should have made a note of his name but this was drawn quickly in a break room out of a communal newspaper. If you recognize him let me know!


Ah comics! This was out of an issue of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA NO. 191 from 1981. It was drawn by RICH BUCKLER and PABLO MARCOS and written by GERRY CONWAY. The comic was particularly melodramatic and filled with soap opera and a distinct lack of humor. The scene I copied was between THE FLASH and ZATANNA- his hand on his head dejected and and his chin held up by a loving hand. She reassures him:

"You have never made a fool out of yourself Barry Allen"

Apparently they had a "relationship" or did not. I was struck by the attention to detail that was paid to The Flash's pained expression. The rest of the comic appeared to have been done very quickly while this moment comparatively seemed to jump out as this surprisingly authentic moment. You may laugh and say "Who can take this crap seriously?" and I just think "Well...some one did"!


These two yellow dudes were torn from a copy of MAXIM! They made me think of old school DEVO and an old ridiculous George C. Scott movie called RAGE! If you have ever wanted to see George C. Scott shoot an orange cat with a rifle or barrel down the road on a dirt bike while laughing maniacally as buildings explode this is your movie (Naturally the movie concerns contamination).

The text in the drawing was a remainder of some torn off text. ASSDRUG for you.


Last is my update for The Defibulators new edit of the coloring book I created for them in 2006. You can see my updated signature below.

And yes as a matter of fact they do have a new album out that you can check out here:

It looks sweet! So go on out and buy it!


Good day sir!


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