Sunday, May 4, 2008

The adventues of CARROT MAN!


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JAJAC said...

I was seeing a doctor and I would often steal issues of 'New York' magazine. If you have been reading it lately the art direction has improved dramatically, But the reason I used to steal it then was because it was strangely grotesque for such a prominent magazine. The covers were bad the interiors were bad, in particular and usually hilariously so, the 'on the town' section was completely disgusting.

Rich people are funny. They have so much money to buy expensive clothing and expensive glasses and get really nice hair cuts/hair styles but they can't buy away the ugly. They can dress it up, sure they can. They can attend big events decked out like a Christmas tree. They can even be photographed and appear in magazines like 'New York'looking completely astoundingly hideous- and they can still do it with conviction!

This is a drawing of some guy who was 'on the town' that month. He wasn't orange but it just felt right. He looked decadent well groomed and healthy but GODDAMN he was ugly.

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