Monday, April 21, 2008

Oven fresh 10- Rihanna. How YOU doin?


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JAJAC said...

I can't believe Rihanna cut her hair.

When I drew this I had no idea who she was, I just thought she was pretty.

She is already turning into one of those dull plastic celebrities who talk about their career "phases" in interviews. I think celebrities and rich people are the only ones who have enough objectivity and space in their lives to even see these things.

Phases for real people are like:

"Oh yeah that was my bankruptcy phase. Yeah I had no money at all. I was going to kill myself"


"That was my 'I got laid off from the car wash and my uncle shot me- I don't know if life really has any meaning- desperate frantic scrambling for survival' phase.


The all too common "Shit I was ugly in 2003. What the fuck? Why can't no one tell me how fat I look in sweat shirts?!" phase.

She could be talented. Who the hell knows. I'm still in my not knowing who stupid celebrities are phase.

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