Thursday, December 11, 2008


From the summer of 2007. This was the first of 3 burlesque portraits of Brooke I had completed. This is still one of my favorite images. The kind of reaction I get from it mostly though is people feeling sort of perplexed by it. Especially the distorted melting hand but I still stand by it. I love the weird hand!

When I made this piece I was trying very hard to separate all of the textures and trying to distort the image in a subtle way. The satiny shine on the glove, the feathers on the boa, the washed out skin, the warm light on her eyes, the rough texture of the blue green wall behind her. I love the idea of an image carrying a secret symbolic power and I tried hard to not define what was happening and to let it take on a life of it's own.

It is not half of what I'd like it to be but It was happy moment for me! I had just bought some new brushes and it was pure pleasure painting this.


Friday, August 29, 2008

Relaxation techniques.

I was taking the J train one morning with a head ache and I started thinking of reassuring slogan-ism's like "Let your mind be free". This also makes me think of En Vogue lyric I heard on Saturday night live in approximately 1993: "Free your mind and the rest will follow", and also a David Byrne lyric off of his "look into the eye ball" album (I'm pretty sure it is "let your mind be Freeeee", or something like that). I finished this drawing in central park yesterday while waiting for my appointment with my 'diabetic specialist' surrounded by little children chasing birds with swords made out of balloons.
I mean it though! Let your mind be free! If you love something LET IT GO!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back on track!

I have been away but now I have now returned.

Here is what I have been working on!

1)A Double portrait of Gene Wilder and the sheep that he is in love with. A commission that references a story in the Woody Allen (also pictured) movie"Everything you ever wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask". They are both 30X 40" and painted in oil. Photobucket

2) Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel- SPANKED! This is an ad for her web tour. I drew it Justine Zwiebel designed it-
Justine Zwiebel

Get “Spanked” here


3) This is a book cover for Blake Maddens 'The List Maker' a very cool book you should keep an eye out for. My friend Jeremy Joi (author of 'The Night Auditor') brought me on for this. Photobucket

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bizarre coincidence!

The image below I called the "The Nightmares" and I was trying to illustrate an idea I was working on of a kid having nightmares. I remember drawing this very clearly because I was working as a doorman and I was killing time and it is probably the most complete drawing I've ever done while working. The bed room was made up exactly as the room I was currently living in at the time. The bed with two pillows, the window and the chair in the corner. I wish I could speak definitively about my intentions but on the chair I drew a single black glove. I may have done this just because I kept losing my gloves and there actually was a single glove in my room, or I may have just done it on a whim, something quick that occurred to me in the moment.

A few months maybe a year later my friend Jelena linked me to her painter friend Warren's profile on myspace. One of his images depicted a fish head on the corner of a chair against a wall and I thought immediately of my sketch book drawing! After fishing it out and scanning it and looking at them side by side I thought it was an uncanny coincidence. It was so strange, I wanted to talk to this guy Warren about what his intentions were, it seemed like they are both 'dream' images. I mentioned it to Jelena and she sent Warren a copy of my sketch book detail.

She said and I quote- WARREN: "Oh he must have copied me". I believe my response was, and I quote- JAMES: "Tell him he's a FUCKING HACK"! Unfortunately that ended my interest in talking about intentions and finding out when each of these images were created. I put it behind me, but after all these years I find it still resonates and having found the image again today it still does, even more so! It is so exact they practically fit on top of each other. The open end of the glove mirrors the stump of the fishes neck, the separation between the fingers mirrors the fishes mouth, down to the placement in the picture, bottom right against the wall even the base board sits at the same point!
The only intention of this blog is to say "isn't it weird". There is no pointing fingers, and though both of these images may have been posted on the internet at the time I do not believe for a second that either of us was influenced by the other in any way.

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